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Can I Get Cash for My Old Truck?

Your truck has been a workhorse and has served you for many years. Now that it has reached the end of its service life, it is set aside in a dark lonely corner of your garage awaiting its fate. 

Cash for Your Old Truck

Did you know that you can still earn cash for your old truck? Several factors determine the amount of cash for your old truck you’ll get. Because of the wide disparity in the conditions of junk trucks in the market, the variance in the value of trucks is just as wide. Last year, the value can range from as low as $50 to as high as $20,000 with the average value being between $100 and $500.


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Factors that Determine Junk Truck Value    

Your Location 

The level of competition among junk vehicle buyers and the price of scrap in a location play an important part in the valuation of junk trucks. If a few junk vehicle buyers are operating in your location, competition is higher. These buyers will tend to outbid each other, which is favorable to you. Also, if the price of scrap is high in your place, you’ll likely get more cash for your old truck.

The Age of the Truck 

The average age of junk trucks is between 10 to 15 years old. The older the truck, the more likely that it is more worn out, which will figure in determining its 


Truck Mileage

If your truck has low mileage, say less than 40,000 miles, the junk buyers may be interested in selling the truck parts, which are likely still within their expiration date. Parts of junk trucks with thousands of miles on the clock are likely to be past their expiration date and will not be of much value to the buyer.       

Truck Make and Model 

Some trucks tend to be sought out more than others. They include classic models and the dominant make and models in the market whose parts are in higher demand. If yours happen to be one of them, you could potentially earn more.

Does the truck still run? 

Many vehicle junk buyers don’t entertain trucks that are not in running condition or a damaged state regardless of their mileage, make, and model. 


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Tips on Selling Your Junk Truck for Top Dollar 

Here are some pointers to earn the most cash for your old truck.

Determine the best option for how your truck can be sold for cash.

There are three common ways you can cash in on your old truck: 

    • Sell your truck “as-is” : List your vehicle on Craiglist or in the paper. This option allows potential buyers to know there may be issues with the vehicle before they buy.
    • Sell your truck for parts: A truck that is still in good condition may earn a bit more cash when disassembled and its important parts are sold separately. These parts may include the engine, transmission, wheels and tires, battery, wing mirrors, stereo, etc.

Have a contract in place.

Whichever option you choose in selling your truck, it is important to have the buyer sign a contract that has all the necessary terms and conditions to avoid any future difficulties with them. 

Let competition work in your favor.

In a market where there are few buyers, use the competition of these buyers to your advantage. You could cite the amount offered to you by one to the other so you could go for the highest bidder.

Monitor the current price of scrap. 

The price of scrap fluctuates. Monitor the changes in scrap prices so you can sell your vehicle when the scrap prices favor you.

Do research on junk buyers.

Avoid being short-changed or duped in your transaction. Deal only with reliable junk buyers. You will know them by researching to find out their business integrity and track record of customer care.


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