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Driving to Miami? 8 Ways to Ready Your Car

Driving to Miami from Jacksonville Florida, a 346-mile trip via Florida’s Turnpike and I-95 S, may not be a big deal for you. However, in that five-hour journey, a lot of unforeseen events may happen if your car is not at its optimal driving condition. The chances of a car mechanical breakdown are higher for those coming from northern states to escape the cold winter and driving to Miami for days.


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The best way to stay safe for your getaway is to ensure your vehicle is ready for your road trip.   

8 Ways to Ready Your Car for a Road Trip

Here are 8 pointers on preparing your car for a long trip and enjoying driving to Miami for adventure: 

  1. Bring a roadside survival kit.

 Anticipate what could go wrong during the trip and be ready to address these unforeseen events. Carry with you a survival kit consisting of a spare mobile phone, rechargeable battery pack, and emergency tools including a flashlight, pliers, screwdrivers, and an adjustable spanner. Be sure you have a spare tire. It will also be good to pack medical kits, flares, fire extinguishers, and a reflectorized warning triangle for worst-case scenarios.

  1. Go for a tune-up.

If it has been at least a year since you had your last tune-up, now might be the best time to have one before driving to Miami. The tune-up usually includes replacing worn spark plugs. It may make an engine have a smoother start, improve your car’s fuel economy, restore lost power, and lower emissions.      

  1. Check your car battery.

Check that your car’s battery is healthy, clean, capable of being recharged, and the connection is tight and corrosion-free. Your battery giving out on you midway through your road trip is the last thing you need. Replace a weak battery and damaged cables before driving to Miami. It is much easier and cheaper than it is to call a tow truck service and buy a new battery when your car breaks down.   


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  1. Check all the car’s fluids and replace filters.

The important car fluids you must inspect before a long drive include your engine oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, clutch, and power steering fluid if any, and windshield wash. Top them off before hitting the road. If your car’s next oil change schedule is near, it may be worth having it done before your trip.  

The engine air filter collects dust and debris and prevents them from contaminating your car engine. 

  1. Check the brakes. 

If your car’s brakes are making squealing noises or any other odd noises, worn brake pads may be the problem. Have them inspected by a professional before you set out on your journey. When your brake pedal feels spongy when you step on it, the brake fluid level may be low. Top it off if needed.    

  1. Make sure all the lights and electrical instruments are working.

Check that all interior and exterior lights on your car are functioning properly. Make sure you also check your car’s horn and air conditioning system. If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air as it used to, you may want to have a mechanic service it before you hit the road. 


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  1. Inspects belts and hoses.

Have your engine belts and hoses inspected. They are critical in the proper functioning of your car’s electrical, power steering, and cooling systems. Belts should be secure, tightly installed, and don’t have a large amount of slack. Hoses should be free of leaks or drips. Follow the service schedule for belts and hoses as recommended by the owner’s manual.    

  1. Learn how to replace a flat tire.

The chances of having a flat tire driving to Miami could be is fairly high especially when driving conditions are uncertain. You better know how to replace a flat with your spare tire. Have all the proper equipment such as hydraulic jack, tire wrench, and cranking mechanism in your toolbox. Also, make sure your spare tire is inflated to the right pressure. 

You can ensure smooth and hassle-free travel to make driving to Miami an enjoyable experience. Preparing your car to bring it to tiptop condition is the key.     

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