Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Cash For Junk Car Miami provides fast and hassle free removal of unwanted vehicles (Used or Junk Cars) both working or non-working from your home, driveway, garage, etc. in the Miami / South Florida area. We’ll give you a REAL quote for your vehicle based on the condition, the year, the make and the model.

Here we have compiled a list of some of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis. If your specific question is not answered here, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer for you!

If you have a junk car you can sell it anywhere in Miami and the surrounding area. Cash For Junk Cars Miami buys junk cars in any condition. Simply call us at 305-515-5122 or contact us to sell your junk cars. We will handle all the processes & get paid cash on the spot.

One of the best ways to scrap a car for the most money is to call CASH For Junk Car Miami at 305-515-5122 .

With regards we buys junk cars in Miami, Florida. Whether your used car is running or not, usable or junk, we will offer you a generous price for that. We pay cash on the spot, quick pickup with free towing.

Sell your junk car a few easy steps. weather it's used, old, damaged or junk.

  • Call us at 305-515-5122 or contact us to get an instant offer for your junk car.
  • We arrange a free junk car removal service.
  • Get cash for junk car on the spot.

We pay for junk cars, regardless of any condition. The price goes up and down. For junk cars, we pay $200 to $500+ depending on your junk car’s weight. We give the best price guarantee for your junk car.

According to Miami state law, you must have a title to sell junk cars. If you need to get a copy, apply at your neighborhood DMV office. You can essentially give your vehicle up to Cash For Junk Car Miami, and we handle the way toward selling.

YES! If you don't have the title you can still legally sell it. Cash For Junk Car Miami can purchase junk cars without a title. However, wel want to see registration, even if it is expired, and your ID should match the name on the registration as legal owner, registered owner, or both.

Within 1 hour or Same day! Our vehicle pick-up is coordinated around your schedule. Most of the cases, we can pick up your junk car withing 1 hours of your call. But is some cases, the towing is scheduled between 24-72 hours of your phone call.

NO! We provide free junk car removal service once you accept our cash offer.

QUICK! In almost all case after getting an offer from us, we schedule a pickup time to remove your car within 1 hours or same day.

Our service is available in Miami and its surrounding areas. We offer quality junk car removal services that make you happy and fill your hand with cash.

We offer the best price and Pay Cash on the Spot. Our pickup service will arrive at your location and pay cash on the spot for the junk car.

Your junk car will have one of many paths in its near future. Depending on the vehicle condition, it will be salvaged, sold to a junk yard, or placed into an auction for junk cars.

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